Living a healthy lifestyle is important to everyone, including people with disabilities.  We hope these resources will provide people with I/DD, their families and caregivers the information they need be healthy and well at every stage of their lives.

Special Olympics Indiana Health Athletes

The Special Olympics Indiana Healthy Athletes initiative is designed to help Special Olympics athletes improve their health and fitness. Developed in 1996, the mission of Healthy Athletes is to improve each athlete’s ability to train and compete in Special Olympics as well as life.

Center for Youth and Adults with Conditions of Childhood

The Center for Youth and Adults with Conditions of Childhood (CYACC), based in Indianapolis, provides consultation and coordination of care for:

  • Youth ages 11-22 with special needs (chronic conditions, developmental delay, physical disabilities)  as they prepare for the transition to adult life
  • Adults with specific needs due to their childhood illnesses or developmental disabilities


Health Meet, a project of The Arc of the United States, provides training and education for individuals, their families, direct service professionals, medical providers, and medical students; and raises public awareness of health issues that impact people with intellectual disabilities across the country.

Center for Disability Information, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community

Materials can be ordered from the Center for Disability Information, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community’s library of over 8,000 disability-related books, videos, and kits. Search online for materials related to Health and Health Care.

My Health Passport

My Health Passport is a health advocacy document that describes the unique supports and preferences of an individual. It is designed to be shared with many types of healthcare providers, in clinic and hospital settings, especially for those who are not very familiar in providing care to individuals with I/DD.

Plan for Healthy Living

Healthy Eating Fact Sheets

Healthy Habits Fact Sheets

Education for Lifelong Health Factsheets

This series of factsheets was developed by the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities

Being a Healthy Woman Fact Sheets

Being a Healthy Woman Fact Sheets are designed to assist women with I/DD  to understand life changes, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, or the need to see doctors when ill.  It also provides a list of resources on disability for women with I/DD, their family members, caregivers, or health care professionals. It can also be used as a teaching tool to help women with intellectual disability learn about their health.

University of Minnesota Online Videos

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability

Choose My Plate

Choose My Plate offers wealth of information on healthy eating provided by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture on healthy eating.

Women Be Healthy 2

Women Be Healthy 2 is curriculum for women with I/DD and other developmental disabilities

Healthy Lifestyles Curriculum

Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities is a holistic wellness workshop, developed by the Oregon Office on Disability and Health (OODH), designed for people with disabilities. Train-the-Trainer events are available for people and organizations interested in implementing the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum. Contact OODH

Steps to Your Health

Steps to Your Health is a ten-week health education program designed for people with I/DD, brain injury, and associated conditions

Other Resources