Self-Advocates of Indiana is a statewide network, with more than 46 self-advocate chapters across the state.  A “chapter” means a group of self-advocates who are working together to empower themselves and others.

What is a Chapter?

A chapter is:

  • A group of citizens with disabilities who work together to affect positive change in their community and their lives
  • Run by self-advocates and for self-advocates
  • Made up of 10 or more self-advocates
  • Led by a group of elected officers, including: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms
  • A Member of Self-Advocates of Indiana through an annual $20 fee

What does a Chapter do?

A Chapter will:

  • Set goals about self-advocacy
  • Elect leadership
  • Meet 1-2 times a month, depending on the group’s schedule
  • Attend quarterly SAI meetings in Indianapolis
  • Advocate for important issues

Why should we become an SAI Chapter?

Join SAI to:

  • Be part of a network of self-advocates across Indiana and across the country
  • Be informed about changes to state policies and events
  • Receive quarterly copies of Nims’ News self-advocate newsletter
  • Affect change in your community
  • Receive training about leadership, self-advocacy, and more

How does my self-advocate group join SAI?

Contact Us!

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