A View into Handicap This!

Listen in as Michelle Fischer, host of A View from My Window, talks with Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach, the duo of Handicap This!. Mike has cerebral palsy and virtually no movement of his arms and legs. In 2001, Tim was hired to be Mike’s one on one aide when Mike was 12 and Tim was 27.  Their two… Read More

A View into the New VR

Listen in to “A View into the New VR” as Michelle talks with Kylee Hope, director of Indiana’s Bureau of Rehabilitation Services and Virginia Bates, transition specialist.  Learn about new directions for vocational rehabilitation in Indiana and how VR can help individuals with disabilities secure and maintain employment. Read More

A View into the Erskine Green Training Institute

Listen in to learn all that you have been wanting to know about the Erskine Green Training Institute as Michelle Fischer talks with Jeanne Sheets, Director of Marketing & Partner Programs; and Megan Stevenson, Director of Curriculum & Training. Learn about the 8 areas of employment that students can receive training in, how the curriculum is being developed, and a… Read More

A View with Carl Erskine and Steve Green

Listen in as Michelle Fischer talks with Carl Erskine and Steve Green about the Erskine Green Training Institute, a postsecondary program in Muncie, Indiana that will provide vocational training for a variety of jobs in the hotel, food service, and healthcare environments. Many know Carl Erskine for his wonderful career with the Brooklyn Dodgers, as well… Read More

A View into Insurance and ABA Therapy

The parents of a 12-year-old boy with severe autism recently filed a class action lawsuit against insurance company Anthem for refusing to cover the level of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy prescribed by a doctor for their son.  In a letter to the family, Anthem said the therapy was not medically necessary. Listen in as Michelle Fischer talks with Michele… Read More

A View into Membership with The Arc

Listen in as Michelle talks with Mark Kevitt, Director of Program Services for The Arc of Indiana, about our annual membership drive, how to become a member, and what local chapters of The Arc can do to grow membership.  After you listen to the podcast, learn more about membership at Join The Arc. Read More

Self-advocacy is important because it is a way for people to know that all people, including people with disabilities, have rights. We help people understand that we want to be treated with respect.

It is a way for our voices to be heard.

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