A View with Jason Harris of Jason’s Connection

jason_a-view-from-my-windowListen in as Michelle talks with Jason Harris of Jason’s Connection, a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to connecting people with disabilities and their families to information and resources through the Jason’s Connection website, www.jasonsconnection.org

In his website profile, Jason notes, “I am a 26 year old college graduate. I love hiking, traveling with friends, films, theater, the Cincinnati Reds and Ohio State Buckeyes. I am also on the Asperger’s Spectrum which means I face challenges with anxiety, social skills, organizational skills and certain medical issues. Finding services to meet my needs can be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. It has been frustrating to find the right doctors to help me with my medications, the life skill coaches that understand my issues and the right support to help me reach my potential. Most of the services I have found from medical doctors, to a life coach, have been done by a lot of hard looking and word of mouth. This can take a while and get very frustrating. It is also why an accessible community like Jason’s Connection is so important because someone like me can be connected to a community in the know and find people who have shared my experiences and refer people and services that meet my individual needs more easily.”