Advocacy Fellow Employment Opportunity

The Arc of Indiana is pleased to partner with the Division on Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) to create a state-wide advocacy leadership network of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and families.

They are hiring twelve (12) advocacy fellows from around the state to help lead the effort to build an advocacy leadership network. Advocacy fellows will earn $13,500 over the course of the year long program. They will provide assistance to anyone who has concerns about benefits.  

Fellows will be responsible for building a local community leadership network around effective advocacy by:

  • Assisting in recruiting at least 20 people to attend Leadership Training Sessions
  • Facilitating 2 monthly Leadership Training Sessions (in person and virtual)
  • Serving as a mentor to other advocates around a specific successful lived experience
  • Participating in a demonstration project to test a mobile device application to help with leadership training and mentoring

Advocacy fellows will be mentored by Shawn Fulton, The Arc of Indiana’s education and training coordinator. In addition to regular meetings with The Arc’s coordinator, there will be three other key staff who will work directly with the advocacy fellows to provide assistance and oversight.

Advocacy fellows will be trained on how to effectively lead Good Life Groups, and will assist outreach efforts in their community to identify people who want to be a part of the Advocacy Leadership Network as well as potential community presenters.

Advocacy Fellows will be paid:

  • $1,000.00 per month (12 months)
  • $100.00 per month as a Peer Menor (9 months)
  • $50.00 to participate in a Advocacy Leadership mobile application demonstration (6 months)
  • $50.00 to participate in a Peer Mentoring mobile application demonstration (6 months)

$13,500 TOTAL  

Advocacy Fellow applicants should:

  • Have a thorough understanding of their local community
  • Have a basic understanding of Charting the LifeCourse Framework
  • Have access to a smart mobile device
  • Have access to a computer for training purposes
  • Be comfortable leading conversations

Please share this information with others who may be interested in this opportunity.

Questions? Please contact Steve Boyer, chief program officer, at or 317-977-2375.

If you are interested in applying to be an advocacy fellow, please complete and submit an application. 

  • Click here to download a fillable PDF application, or
  • Click here to download the application as a Word document

Click here to download, print and share the advoacy fellow opportunity.