The Arc of Indiana 2016 Public Policy Agenda

The 2016 legislative session provides many opportunities to advance initiatives that will lead to greater independence for people with I/DD. Below is an overview of the legislative priorities for The Arc of Indiana.

Legislative Priorities:

  • Support legislation that increases employment opportunities for people with I/DD
  • Monitor and support legislation that will identify people with I/DD within the criminal justice system.
  • Monitor and support legislation that will create and/or support programs for people with I/DD as they get involved in the criminal Justice system.
  • Support the recommendations in the report recently provided to FSSA by the University of New Hampshire regarding the need for a crisis system for people with I/DD as well as a mental illness. The Arc supports putting out to bid a demonstration project that will implement the first regional project and then continue implementation throughout the state.
  • The Arc will continue to support efforts to ensure a sustainable system that attracts and maintains the Direct Support Professional workforce.
  • The Arc will support legislation that extends the age for a child to be diagnosed with a developmental delay.
  • The Arc will continue to monitor the investments made in reimbursements rates this past year. We will support efforts to improve funding for programs and services which help people with disabilities, their families and service providers.
  • Support legislation that would create an optional state-wide identification card that would identify people with disabilities in emergency situations.
  • Support legislation that provides for stronger sentencing of crimes committed against someone due to their disability.
  • Support legislation that develops ABLE accounts to be made available to Hoosiers with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
  • Support legislation that provides the opportunity for every student to earn a high school diploma with consistent curriculum requirements. In addition, the courses required to earn a diploma need to be accessible throughout all schools.

For more information visit: The Arc of Indiana 2016 Public Policy Agenda