Petition to Pass Hate Crimes Legislation in 2016 Legislative Session

Indiana is one of only five states in the United States that does not have hate crimes protections. Please sign a petition to let Indiana law makers know that you want a hate crimes law passed in Indiana in 2016.

Hate crimes damage the fabric of our society and fragment communities. When criminals target victims on the basis of certain immutable characteristics they not only harm their victims, they threaten and traumatize the larger community of which the victim is a part. Unfortunately, the urgent need to confront violent bigotry has only increased in recent years.

The vast majority of bias crimes are effectively addressed at the state and local level. That is why over the past two and a half decades, 45 states and the District of Columbia have enacted their own bias crime laws. These statutes have been constitutionally upheld by a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in the 1993 case Wisconsin v. Mitchell and will in no way limit free and constitutional speech or any type of legal religious practice or belief.

A nation’s laws are a reflection of its social contract with all of its citizens. The existence and effective enforcement of special laws addressing crimes based on prejudice sends a strong message that hate-based violence is anathema to the principles of freedom and equality that form the cornerstone of American democracy.

To show your support, please click on the link to sign the petition and join others in showing that you believe that it is time that Indiana join a vast majority of other states in the country and pass a strong hate crimes law.

Petition to Pass Indiana Hate Crimes Legislation