The SAI Board of Directors will be putting on a training for officers and other leaders of our SAI Chapter Members. If you are a Chapter Member of SAI, you are invited to send up to 5 of your chapter officers/leaders and up to 2 chapter helpers. We will share information on how to lead your chapter and how to be strong advocates in your communities.

SAI has an amazing opportunity to work with Indiana Disability Rights on voting rights in 2020. Catherine Vest from IDR will start the morning with a brief presentation about the importance of voting, where to vote, and voting rights. SAI and IDR have also organized a panel discussion so that self-advocates and allies can ask specific questions to experts about voting in the upcoming election.

This year, we will offer an advanced leadership training for anyone who attended our basic leadership training last year. In collaboration with Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council (INSILC), the advanced leadership training will provide an opportunity for self-advocates to hone their skills as a leader and continue to grow in their understanding of best practices in self-advocacy and chapter leadership

There will be a breakout session specifically for chapter helpers to learn how you can best support your local self-advocacy group.

• This event location is wheelchair accessible.

• To help training organizers plan for the event, please e-mail with any disability accommodations you may need or any dietary restrictions you may have.

Reserve Tickets for the Leadership Training here