Case Management and the Life Course – Announcement from FSSA

This past June, the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services laid the foundation for a collective vision for supporting individuals with disabilities in Indiana. Rooted in the LifeCourse Framework developed by the National Community of Practice for Supporting Families of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, DDRS’s vision brings together commonly held values and beliefs into a comprehensive approach to developing integrated supports that empower individuals with disabilities and their families to chart a LifeCourse consistent with their needs and aspirations.

In order to begin moving towards realizing this vision, the division is taking steps to align current case management systems and supports with the LifeCourse Framework. More specifically, we are completing an analysis to assess to what extent case management services currently support the LifeCourse Framework and to identify what actions are needed to enhance and strengthen case management’s alignment with the Framework.

The goals of this effort include:

  • Develop comprehensive understanding of the role of case management through the lens of federal and state policy, leading practices research
    and stakeholder experience and perspective
  • Assess the degree to which case management services are aligned with the LifeCourse Framework established through the Supporting Families National
    Community of Practice.
  • Working with stakeholders, identify actions needed to strengthen case management’s alignment with the Framework and develop necessary adjustments
    to current rules / regulations, service definition, training requirements and quality standards.

This project will be supported by Julie Reynolds, Director of Special Projects and Beckie Minglin, Case Management Liaison. In addition, we are pleased to share that Kim Opsahl will also be working with the division to provide leadership and support for this project. Kim brings over 20 years of experience with Indiana’s system of support for Hoosiers with disabilities, including direct experience providing case management, as well as an extensive working knowledge of federal and state policy.

We are excited to take this next step toward operationalizing our collective vision for supporting individuals with disabilities in Indiana. We will provide periodic updates as the project moves forward. In the interim, please feel free to share your recommendations or suggestions for increasing alignment of case management services with the LifeCourse.  Framework via e-mail at